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  1. Preparation of preliminary estimate and cost plans

  2. Cost advising and cost planning

  3. Formulating procedures on tendering and contractual arrangements

  4. Advising the suitable contractual arrangement to be adopted

  5. Pre-qualification tender exercise

  6. Preparation of Bill of Quantities/Lump Sum and Tender/ Contract documents



  1. Evaluation of tenderers submission and recommendations

  2. Award of Contract and preparation of contract document for execution

  3. Cost control during progress of works

  4. Interim valuation during construction

  5. Agreeing variation order issued by the Superintending Officer

  6. Reconciliation statements for management purposes

  7. Preparing and agreeing final account and contract charges




1. Preparation of working drawings

2. Preliminary estimates of probable construction cost



1. Preparation of working drawings

2. Submission drawings to relevant authorities for approval

3. Construction and detail drawings



1. Inspection and supervision of quality control

2. Site meeting coordination

3. Examining contractor’s work programs

4. Processing certificates and variation verification

5. Obtaining Certificate of Fitness from regulatory authorities



With our vast experience in various types of projects, we offer comprehensive professional services that can be tailor-made to Client's requirements.

1. Formulating design themes

2. Spatial interior planning

3. Estimating and establishing budget

4. Preparation of preliminary and working drawings

5. Individual furniture design

6. Selection of materials and decoration

7. Management of contract implementation



1. Advisory service on the viability of project

2. Undertaking financial feasibility and comparative design studies

3. Estimation of cost and projection income

4. Preparing and using detailed budgets and cost plans

5. Preparing and using of cost data




1. Contract Claim Services

2. Value engineering services

3. Damage assessment for insurance claims

4. Preparation and attendance for arbitration/litigation




1. Preparation of project briefs based on client’s requirement

2. Project schedules and implementation

3. Monitoring activities relative to meet target completion time




“I don't know where we should take this company, but I do know that if I start with the right people, ask them the right questions, and engage them in vigorous debate, we will find a way to make this company great.”
― James C. Collins

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